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Ospitalita Italiana
Etna ristorante has won the Ospitalitá Italiana Seal from the
Chambers of Commerce to evaluate its quality of the
receptive and restorative facility in 2012.
traditional italian taste
gluten free foods
pizzas made in real wood-fired oven
Our Chef at home!
Our new catering service!
Whether it´s a special event for two or a simple event for more.
Our chef on demand provide delicious and homemade meals prepared at your own home.
Birthday parties
Upcoming tasting evenings

Vörös borok

Italian wines

Canonico Negramaro “Due Palme”

1dl  520 Ft0,75l    3.900 Ft
Montepulciano ModA’ ”Talamonti”

1dl  600 Ft0,75l    4.500 Ft
Chianti DOCG “Montalcino”

1dl  600 Ft0,75l    4.500 Ft
Nero d’Avola “Mandrarossa”

1dl  720 Ft0,75l    5.400 Ft
Barbera D’Asti “Capetta”

 0,75l    5.900 Ft
Morellino di Scansano “Dalle Vigne”

 0,75l    6.900 Ft
Monica Perdera “Argiolas”

 0,75l    7.500 Ft
Chianti Riserva DOCG”Montalcino”

 0,75l    7.900 Ft
Rosso Montalcino “Dalle Vigne”

 0,75l    7.900 Ft
Valpolicella Ripasso Mara "Cesari"

 0,75l    9.500 Ft
Barbaresco "Capetta"

 0,75l  10.900 Ft
Brunello Montalcino “Dalle Vigne”

 0,75l  19.500 Ft

Hungarian wines

Portugieser Gere

1dl  490 Ft0,75l    3.400 Ft
Fertőrákosi Kopár

1dl  640 Ft0,75l    4.400 Ft
Pinot Noir Weninger

1dl  800 Ft0,75l    5.600 Ft
Egri Bikavér Szarkástető

1dl  890 Ft0,75l    5.900 Ft
Cabernet Souvignon Kiss Gábor

 0,75l    6.900 Ft
Villányi Royal Cuvee Bock

 0,75l    8.900 Ft

Rose´ borok

Hungarian wines

Rose’ Légli

1dl  490 Ft0,75l    3.400 Ft
Rose’ Gere

1dl  490 Ft0,75l    3.400 Ft

Fehér borok

Italian wines

Sauvignon Villa Chiopris Livon

1dl  550 Ft0,75l    4.100 Ft
Vermentino Aragosta

1dl  750 Ft0,75l    5.600 Ft
Falanghina “Farro”

1dl  850 Ft0,75l    6.500 Ft
Lugana Cesari

1dl  950 Ft0,75l    7.000 Ft

Hungarian wines

Pinot Gris Nyakas

1dl  440 Ft0,75l    2.900 Ft
Don Oliver Nyakas

1dl  440 Ft0,75l    2.900 Ft
Chardonnay Vitéz

1dl  640 Ft0,75l    4.400 Ft
Tokaji Furmint

 0,75l    4.900 Ft

Desszert borok

Italian wines

Dolce Novella

1dl  500 Ft0,75l    3.500 Ft
Moscato D’Asti “Capetta”

 0,75l    3.100 Ft

Hungarian wines

Tokaji Aszú 3 puttyonyos 0,5L

1dl  790 Ft0,5l    3.500 Ft
Tokaji Mylitta 0,375L

 0,375l    6.400 Ft


Italian wines

Prosecco 0,2L

 0,2l    1.200 Ft

1dl  460 Ft0,75l    3.500 Ft
Prosecco Fass Marai

 0,75l    6.500 Ft
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